How we do it: Perfecting our packaging

24th April 2015

Okay, so talking about the stuff that your shopping goes in may not be the hottest topic around, but for us lot, it’s all about small victories. If you haven’t yet noticed, this week we’ve been introducing a new box to carry and protect all of your gingerly packed, local goodies whilst on their way to being delivered to your door. But before you, ahem, reach for your phone take a picture of it because you love it so much, (and I thought it was just me!) here’s a quick run down of why we care about packaging so much.

Our boxes create as little waste as possible. We hate waste – in cooking food, food systems, and definitely in packaging, to name a few. As part of trying to do what we can as a business with sustainability at its heart, once the boxes have reached you, we just ask for them to be returned back to the driver who will happily take ‘em off your hands so that they can be used again and again.

Now that the sun is finally out you might be wondering: ‘how will my yoghurt be kept yoghurty fresh and protected from these astonishingly high temperatures?’ Well, rest assured the packaging superheroes, aka. founder Ben and our ops team George and Gemma have that covered. All produce needing a home in the fridge is kept in the stay-cold bags. We’re phasing out the ones that look like silver jiffy bags, (a bit like the shiny triangle on the front of Mork of Mork & Mindy’s get-up) and you’ll start to see our new sustainable Woolcool bags lined with the natural insulation of sheep’s wool. If collecting your order, our trusty paper bags are still being used for pick ups, and we’re leaving a few extra bags for you there so you can leave your chill bags.

Anyway, that’s probably enough about boxes and bags…for now!

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