How we do it: Selecting our producers

12th June 2015

There are five things central to what we look for when sourcing all new producers to make sure that only the freshest, best quality food makes it to you. Here’s a little rundown what makes our producers so special, and how choices we make about who we work with has an impact on everything we do.

We believe taking the middlemen out of the food chain is more efficient, meaning everyone gets a better deal. You get truly fresh, locally sourced and competitively priced food – and the farmer gets a better deal.

Whether someone is bonkers about British-grown beetroot, fanatical about fava beans, or even has a PhD in their field (like Adrian at Wild Country Organics), our farmers and foodmakers care a lot about the methods behind what they make. It’s their personal passion that leads to the creation of a product that has been lovingly crafted, (usually over several years) to be the very best it can be.

We have a set of guidelines for all our producers which focus on sustainability, environmental farming practices, organic methods, and of course, taste. It’s important for us that we work with people and businesses who hold truly sustainable values at heart, which is a major reason why our producers are…

We believe supporting small-scale farming paves the way to more sustainable food production. And you can really see the difference this makes. The farms you buy from with Farmdrop have smaller strips of land, more hedgerows, wild flowers, and crops being rotated from one strip to another. It’s sustainable stewardship – and by shopping with Farmdrop you’re supporting the local ecosystem and the people and businesses that make it possible.

Almost all of your Farmdrop food will come from within 150 miles – with 60% of what’s on our site being from within the M25. Being local means the food available through our unique producer network is the very freshest you can get. With no lengthy food-chains, your order is prepared just for you and you can shop for products that wouldn’t survive the lengthy supermarket chain – such as delicate, yet delicious, courgette flowers.

And lastly…
They’re a ball to work with. Who else would come party with their customers in an industrial unit in Bermondsey after getting up at 2.30am for the day’s milking in Kent? (Or lie on a stack of hay bales clutching charcuterie with a big grin on their face like a boss?) We have a growing family of farmers, makers and bakers and with your support in us, we’re excited to bring you a wider range of incredible seasonal produce brought to you by these small, local and extremely passionate guys.

We’re always looking for more to join the Farmdrop family. If you’d like to supply us, say hello on [email protected]

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