How we do it: The Team

19th February 2015

Here at Farmdrop we were lucky enough to have Sasha join the team as an intern last November. She has amazed us with her hard work, and extraordinary and creative cooking skills. Sadly her time with us has nearly come to an end, but we have a feeling this will not be last time the food world will hear her name. One to follow!

Sasha grew up on a farm in Scotland with a very large family. Her love of fresh produce and cooking came from her Mum who was an amazing cook, and kept a large vegetable garden, as well as a lot of plum and apple trees. She taught Sasha about the incredible taste of really fresh ingredients straight from the ground.

We asked Sasha a few parting questions:

Q) Favourite Farmdrop produce?

The Russet Apples. They are so delicious and a great snack.

Q) Favourite dish to cook with Farmdrop produce?

I really enjoyed making Treacle and Beer Pulled Pork, Pink fir chips with sage and chard, pear and fennel salad as I had never made it before and it’s such an indulgent and delicious dish to make – real comfort food. For a quick snack I love baking cavalo nero ‘crisps’ in the oven.

Q) What have you enjoyed most about your time at Farmdrop?

Probably all the lovely people I got to work with, it’s a really positive environment to be in – and being able to cook once a week with the amazing quality produce was the highlight of my job.

Thank you, Sasha, from all of us at Farmdrop, and good luck with your next foodie adventure!

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