How we do it: working with producers

5th February 2015

It’s early on Wednesday morning, the first drop of the week. Sasha, one of the Farmdrop team, heads off from home on her bike and trailer to collect today’s orders from Matt and Justin at Bread Ahead. Their bakery is just 5 mins down the road from Farmdrop HQ, at Borough Market. Matt and Justin’s day started much earlier than the 8am pick up, as all their amazing bread is made fresh each day. They are both passionate about British baking and are keen to keep it alive.

Sasha then cycles to meet Fosse Meadow, run by Jacob and Nick, to collect today’s orders of eggs. Nick returned to his family’s 4th generation farm in Leicestershire after 12 years living in London – “Peck’em”, in fact. They produce free-range poultry and eggs in a traditional way, rearing the best birds to the highest welfare standards.

Fosse Meadow share a space with Oliveology so Sasha is also able to collect any orders for their greek olive oils from their family-owned independent smallholding which has strong traditional farming roots and dedicated organic values.

At the same time Tatiana and her husband at Casa Grande head to Farmdrop HQ to deliver today’s orders of slow dried pasta. Slow drying helps give their pasta the texture and flavour of fresh pasta. They also collect their Farmdrop order, as they like to use locally sourced ingredients in all their pastas and are big fans of Fosse Meadows eggs, and Purton House’s beetroot.

A similar story takes place for all other producers delivering their produce to Farmdrop HQ each Wednesday and Friday. Their produce is then carefully made up into your order, bagged and taken to one of the many drop off points, or delivered direct to your kitchen using our electric van.

The producers are passionate and proud about what they produce and we aim to bring together people who really care about what they eat and how it’s made. We simplify the food chain, taking away the layers that stand between you and the people who make your food.

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