How we’re different to the box schemes

29th May 2015

We are often asked what sets us apart from the well-known box schemes and the answer is three-­pronged: we are local, we are small, we are fresh (and more convenient.)

Our suppliers are local, so they can easily deliver to our London hub on the morning of the very day you receive your order. Local producers mean fewer food miles and fresher goods for you. Salad leaves and delicate edible flowers that wouldn’t survive a longer supply chain get to your door crisp and fresh, and bread often arrives with us when it’s still warm.

The simplicity of the Farmdrop model is that even as we expand, our dedication to small, local producers will not be threatened. Each new hub will have its own set of local producers so that as we set up more around the country, we will be supporting that particular local food economy.

We are small, and our producers are small. We believe that smaller tends to be inherently better. It is much easier to focus on quality, when food is reared, made or grown in small batches.

We are not retailers, which means that unlike many big box schemes, we don’t bulk­ buy stock and store it in a warehouse. Instead, we pass on orders directly to the farms and producers when they come in from you, effectively cutting out the middlemen. Rather than standing between customers and producers, we are the element that links them hand­-to-­hand.

A huge benefit of this ‘to order’ model is that it avoids waste. With supermarkets contributing 200,000 tonnes of waste every year, and 4.1 million tonnes of waste in the supply chain, it is very important to us not to be adding to landfill and wasting good food.

You also have the option to choose what you want rather than get caught in a cycle of receiving more veg than you want or need. We’re acutely aware of waste at all points.

And from a purely logistical perspective, we differ from the box schemes in that you can choose your delivery time down to a two-­hour slot, in the evening of one our four delivery days. In some postcodes, we provide local pick up points. No more boxes sitting for hours on your doorstep at the mercy of London foxes!

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