How You Can Help Your Community

25th March 2020


It’s hit us all in different ways:  you may be working from home now, home-schooling your kids or missing out on some essentials.  But for some the Coronavirus has taken friends and family, it has left some jobless and homeless and others have been forced to do double or triple shifts to care for the sick and vulnerable.  We are fighting a real threat and those on the front line need our help in so many ways, but how can we help when we’re not allowed to leave the house?

The Felix Project

Felix collects fresh, nutritious food that cannot be sold and delivers it to charities and schools who use it to provide healthy meals and help the most vulnerable in society.   Farmdrop and Felix have a longstanding partnership with any unsold food in our hub picked up by Felix.

The Coronavirus has led to a complete shift in Felix’s operations. Less food is now coming from the supermarkets, older Felix volunteers are staying at home to protect their health, and some of the schools and front-line charities they work with are closing.  But Felix is proving very resilient and their great work is continuing. New hubs are being set up in empty schools and community centres to replace the distribution role that their charity partners usually play. This will ensure that enough of the people who need it can benefit from the Felix project and enjoy delicious unsold produce from Farmdrop.

Felix are still looking for businesses that can donate food and volunteers to help deliver. Go to to find out more.


National Emergencies Trust

The National Emergencies Trust collaborates with charities and other bodies to raise and distribute money and support victims at the time of a domestic disaster.  During the current crisis they are working collaboratively with a wide range of organisations to ensure the maximum amount of money is raised and distributed securely, effectively, and fairly to those organisations and local charities who can do most to help those in need.


Union Chapel Community

Since 1992 Union Chapel in Islington has been home to a number of very special services and activities aimed at aiding the most in-need and disadvantaged members of our community.  Over the last few weeks they have escalated their community emergency support work to include serving as the host venue and donation drop-off point for the Homeless COVID-19 Task Force in collaboration with multiple food banks across London, helping the homeless alongside the Margins Project, working with Help on Your Doorstep to support the most vulnerable across Islington, including those self-isolating and maintaining support for residents who participate in our vital Culture Cafe, by telephone.

They are looking for donations of food, hygiene products, bikes and volunteers (if you are fit and healthy).


Nominate a Key Worker

Know someone who deserves a little surprise this week? Each week the online florists Bloom & Wild will pick 10 of the key workers you have nominated to receive a Bloom & Wild letterbox bouquet.

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