Introducing our brand spanking new Reduced Packaging!

22nd April 2016

In one of our many efforts to help keep our planet healthy and happy (we already nip around London in 100% electric zero emission vans), we’ve taken a conscious step to reduce the packaging that comes in your delivery even further.


It’s a bit like bringing a tote bag to the farmer’s market: we skip the cardboard box and pack your food straight into a re-usable crate. Any chilled items in your order will go into our re-usable thermal packaging, which your trusty Farmdropper (aka driver) can take back with them leaving you with just your delicious food. Our new team of friendly Farmdroppers are more than happy to carry the crate into your kitchen and help unpack, or you unpack at your door (whatever works for you) and take back your chill and freezer bags with them to use again back at HQ. We’ll even drop you a text message the evening before your Farmdrop to let you know who your driver is ahead of delivery.

Every time you select Reduced Packaging at the checkout, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you are taking another simple step towards a waste-free food chain, and giving the planet a little snuggle too.

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