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Win a signed copy of MasterChef Champion Thomasina Miers’ new book Home Cook

20th April 2017

Thomasina Miers, is co-founder of Wahaca, Guardian Weekend Cook, MasterChef Champion of 2005. Also a super busy mother, Thomasina knows how hard it can be to feed the family wholesome food. Her new book Home Cook is an effortless guide to using good local ingredients cleverly to cook dishes that’ll satisfy and impress. Each everyday recipe includes a follow-up meal idea repurposing ingredients to help make your food shop get a little bit easier.

Thomasina Miers (Photo credit: Caroline Irby)

Thomasina is a long-time fan of Farmdrop. Her passion for supporting local food makers, promoting high welfare farming and cooking with the best ingredients available is infectious. We can’t get enough of her simple, flavour-packed recipes (especially her Ultimate Lemon,Caramelised Garlic & Thyme Roast Chicken) and her common-sense food philosophy:

Thomasina on the power of good ingredients and canny shopping

My philosophy of food is deeply tied up with the environment. Growing and transporting food is our resource-intensive process. Generally speaking, the less meat we eat and the more locally we shop, the kinder our impact on the planet. Happily, this also equates to healthy eating. The closer you are to food at its source the better it is for you. Ready-made food has been variously sterilised, pasteurised and/or preserved and – at each of those processes – loses nutritional value. Ingredients are often living, breathing organisms and even time has an effect on their nutritional content and flavour. You only have to taste a recently picked broad bean or carrot and compare it to those in a supermarket that are grown thousands of miles away to realise this.

Shop intelligently and cook as much as possible

But we don’t all live on a farm or grow our own veggies, so how do we get closer to natural food? Simple: shop intelligently and cook as much as possible from the basic ingredients. The more you cook in this way, the more pleasure you get from eating and the more control you have over what you put in your body.

What I do spend money on is certain key ingredients that i think give me vital nutrition for life, for example whole milk from grass-fed cows at my local market; it costs fractionally more than milk from the supermarket but I know that it is packed with more nutrients. Sourdough bread is expensive, but I use it to complete scores of meals. It is intrinsically a whole food that is made with less intensively produced flours; while its slow-rise fermentation is also gentler on the digestive system. I buy organic meat when I can as I find the use of antibiotics in industrial animal-rearing – and its implications for the health of my family – terrifying, but normally I only buy it once a week, often choosing cheaper cuts. For the rest of the week we feed ourselves inexpensively on grains, vegetables and other delicious whole foods.

Win a signed copy of Home Cook by containing 300 mouth-watering, fuss-free recipes!

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Home Cook is published by Guardian and Faber & Faber, RRP £25.00.

Discover more about the benefits of sourdough bread and organic pasture-fed beef.


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