Meet the new wave of Farmdrop fishermen

18th September 2015

Roll up roll up! This week the bounty of our coast has hit the shop thanks to our new gang of the nation’s finest fisherman who source the freshest fish for you, everyday. Our founder Ben explains how it works so that you get the tastiest pick of the catch, no matter the weather, and support a sustainable way of life too.


A proud fisherman at Dreckley Fish holds up his bad boy of a lobster catch

Everything at Farmdrop starts with the same questions; ‘How do we provide our customers and our local producers with something amazing? How do we ensure that our food revolution will be delicious?!’

In the world of fish, it’s a bit more complicated than your usual harvest, simply because the brave men and women who go out to sea everyday don’t actually know what they’re going to catch. Yet it’s no good telling our customers who’ve placed orders ‘no fish today, the boat came back empty’. On top of all that, we know in our hearts (and tastebuds) that freshly caught fish from a nearby coast is the best you can eat. Thankfully it’s our job to worry about this and we’re really excited to have come up with a clever solution.

‘Farmdrop Fisherman’ is a pool of incredible independent fisherman from around the UK who venture just a few miles from the shore on small day boats and use low impact fishing methods – you can read more about who they are and what they get up to on their producer page. By bringing these talented seafaring guys and gals together on Farmdrop, we can almost guarantee that between them they’ll have the fish you’ve ordered by diverting the orders to the boats that come back full. It also means that between them, the fishermen can provide a consistent offer to our customers.

Our special ‘Catch of the day’ is a way for you to receive the actual day’s fruits of our fisherman’s efforts whilst getting your hands on the best of season’s fish. We wanted to give you the option of trying something new in the knowledge that not only will you be eating the freshest, most seasonal fish around, but you’ll also be supporting your local fishermen and their way of life. So when your bream, brill, pouting or pollock arrives at your door, we hope you can feel like you live in a charming coastal town moments from the sea, at the click of a button.

Happy customers, happy fisherman, better fish. The Farmdrop way.

See all of Farmdrop Fisherman fish in the shop and visit their producer page to read more on who they are and how they go about their catch. Head to our recipe page too for brand new fish and seafood dishes, coming soon.

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