“Milkonomics” – How Farmdrop provides a better deal for British dairy farmers than anyone else

4th April 2016

As you’ve probably read, things are looking pretty dire for dairy right now. Our founder Ben Pugh wants to show you how buying the freshest, best-tasting milk at Farmdrop puts the money back into the pockets of our British dairy farmers:

Fixing the food chain is our big mission at Farmdrop. And watching the Countryfile episode on Cattle Farming served as a very good reminder for all of us as to what’s broken.

The farm-gate price of a litre of organic milk (its value as it leaves the farm) is now 38p*. For town-folk (me included) that means little without context. So I explored a few online supermarkets and found that a litre of organic semi-skimmed milk is often being sold at £1.10.

The question that should be on all of our lips is: where – in the name of Daisy – has the other 72p vanished to?

The answer: it has disappeared into the black hole of superstore rents, distribution centre costs and expensive TV campaigns.

In my view – this should not be the case. And with Farmdrop – it isn’t.



Farmer Geoff at Ivy House. 

A litre of Ivy House organic semi-skimmed milk sells on Farmdrop for £1.00 (normal price) – Geoff (Ivy House) receives 83p and Farmdrop retains 17p (which covers the cost of a website, an app and some electric vans. Along with a group of mission driven people – that’s all that Farmdrop is).

Before smart phones and lithium car batteries this would not have been possible – but the good news is that now it is. And we’re doing it.

Importantly this goes beyond the goodness of our hearts and the love we have for amazing independent producers like Geoff at

Ivy House.

By using new technology to create a leaner distribution system, the lion’s share (75% to be precise) of your money goes into the production of your food. And it’s no coincidence that this means healthier animals and land. And in turn, better tasting and healthier food.

*38p was the average price per litre paid by the

Organic Milk Suppliers Co-operative in February 2016.

Ben Pugh, founder and CEO of Farmdrop, on the importance of supporting our British dairy farmers and how Farmdrop is giving them a chance to carry on producing the most delicious glass of the white stuff you’ll taste. 

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