National Vegetarian Week Recipe: Spanish Omelette

25th May 2013

It’s all about the little details. Now I might lose some of you here, but you want to start by cooking your thinishly sliced onions for about half an hour. Yes, I know, but it’s got to be done. You don’t need to be there all the time, just make sure it’s a heavy pan, plenty of oil and not on too high a heat.

        When done drain off some of the oil, add in par boiled potatoes (and for non-purists, a few other things, like sauteed courgettes or roast pepper, maybe asparagus) and then add in a beaten half dozen eggs.

        You want your pan to be no wider than your widest shallow plate. When the egg is showing signs of hardening underneath, (and you can move it around a bit), take it off the heat, get your big plate and a sturdy pair of oven gloves and put in top of the pan. (Please make sure that it’s loosened from the bottom and sides, you don’t want it sticking for this next bit).

Turn it over, so that the plate catches the omelette, runny side on the bottom. Then put it back in the pan, cooked side on top. Give it a few more minutes and … voila. This will keep a few days so try and stop greedy people eating it all. Or give in.

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