No More Rubbish: 5 Producers And Their Fight On Food Waste

4th May 2021

Back in 2018, a report on food waste in the UK discovered that homes, retailers, and restaurants generated a combined 9.5 million tonnes of what could have been rich and tasty meals. Fortunately, it’s a number that’s been decreasing yearly, falling by 7% in the last three years alone, but food waste is still a huge, worldwide problem, one that will take all our collective efforts to be tackled rightly. That’s why many of our producers have taken it upon themselves to revolutionise the industry by giving food a second chance, proving to all of us the incredible potential even a disfigured pear can have. Find our 5 producers and their fight on food waste here:

Rubies In The Rubble: Never Miss A Dollop

If you’re looking for great-tasting condiments packed with flavour, as well as purpose, then look no further than Rubies In The Rubble. Rubies turn rejected farm crops that would otherwise go to waste into high-end ketchup, chutneys, and relishes. Spending hours perfecting every recipe, the creators of this sustainable brand have gone the extra mile to craft award-winning condiments fit for anything between a sandwich and a salad.

Our ingredients have to pass a taste test, not a beauty test. What matters to us is making great-tasting condiments. In other words: less waste, more taste” – Jenny Dawson Costa, Founder of Rubies In The Rubble 

To date, Rubies In The Rubble has rescued over 350,000kg of fruits and vegetables, turning them into unforgettable condiments while saving 294,000kg of CO2 in the process. So if you’re ready to get a taste of a sustainable chilly mayo dip or a dollop of chilli onion chutney, make sure to check out their impressive range here on Farmdrop.

ChicP: Waste Not, Want Not

Founded by Hannah McCollum in 2016, ChicP is responsible for making delicious hummus and veggie bites using surplus vegetables. Inspired by her revelation that up to 40% of British crops get rejected due to their shape and size, along with the countless tonnes of food waste seen in restaurants and supermarkets per year, ChicP was born with a commitment to reduce food waste through healthy eating.

“I wanted to raise more awareness around food waste, producing products that are sustainable, vegan, but also help British farmers because of the amount of surplus they have to deal with” – Hannah McCollum, founder of ChicP

Their super healthy hummus is gluten, dairy, nut, and pesticide-free, made primarily of raw vegetables. It’s the perfect dip and a fantastic accompaniment for many meals. Their vegan veggie bites are also a must-try, and an excellent addition to salads, flatbread rollups, and even as an on-the-go snack.

Dash Water: Let’s Get Wonky

After noticing that a third of fresh fruit and veg produced by local farmers goes to waste, founders Jack Scott and Alex Wright teamed up to create a beverage without the sugars, calories, and sweeteners traditionally found in soft drinks. They’ve filled up a gap in the market by taking wonky fruits and veg (in other words, bent, crushed, and misshapen produce that will never reach the supermarkets) and turned them into tasty, salubrious sparkly drinks.

“We saw first-hand that there was a huge amount of food that would go to waste, not just on our farms, but across the Western world, so we wanted to do something about that and repurpose this fruit and veg into something else” – Alex Wright, co-founder of Dash Water 

The people behind Dash Water are on a mission to hydrate and inspire millions of people to support the fight against food waste, aiming to save 2,500 tonnes of wonky fruit and veg by 2025. So if you’re looking for a splash of sustainable refreshments this spring and summer, Dash Water has got you covered with 5 charming flavours to switch between.


Toast Ale: Raise a Toast, Save The World

“Here’s to everyone who wants to change minds, change the system, change the world. Here’s to a beer with more taste and a world without waste” – Toast Ale 

Toast ale lives true to their motto: raise a toast, save the world. The ingenious team behind this award-winning range of beers replace virgin barley by making use of surplus bread from bakeries and sandwich makers, adding only malted barley, hops, yeast and water to the brew.

Since their opening, they’ve saved over two million slices of bread, 250,000 litres of water, and 42 tons of CO2 emissions, donating all profits to charities like Feedback, which put their time and effort into the fight to end food waste. Here on Farmdrop, you’ll find their selection of lagers and pale ales, all distinguished by their iconic branding – simple, yet lively.

Flawsome: Individuality Over Perfection

Fairer for farmers. Saving the rejected. Better for the planet. These are the values added to every bottled cold-press at Flawsome, who rescue surplus fruit from farms and turn them into delicious drinks.

Krina and Maciek, founders of Flawsome, were shocked when they moved to London and noticed supermarkets sold fruits of uniform size in plastic wrap. They were inspired to rescue as much rejected fruit from the farms as possible to avoid food waste, turning them into delicious cold-press juices and fizzy drinks.

“The key value that really motivates me is the fact that we can do a positive impact from everything we do. Helping disadvantaged growers, giving back for social good, and doing good things for the environment” – Karina Sudenyte, co-founder of Flawsome

To date, Flawsome has saved nearly 23,000,000 fruits and they’re on a mission to save millions more. They aim to save twenty thousand tonnes of surplus fruit in the next 5 years, donating a million drinks to charities around the UK in the process. If you’re thinking of a cold-press juice, make sure to check out their range of flavours here on Farmdrop– get fruity, get funky, get Flawsome!

How to waste less food

Food waste’s environmental impact is massive, and every step we take at preventing it in our homes, in restaurants, and supermarkets, is a step towards a zero-waste future. Being mindful of the types of leftovers we cumulate is important, as well as major action from big brands and gastronomy chains.

To avoid food waste, there are also some incredible apps out there, like Too Good To Go, which connects users to restaurants and shops with unsold, surplus food, and Olio, an app that connects neighbours so fresh or canned food and household items can be shared instead of wasted.

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