Our First Ever Farmdrop Field To Fork Shopping

10th March 2013

Our first ever FarmDrop: field to fork shopping hits Kilburn

Thanks to everyone who came to shop, support or just check out our very first (ever!) FarmDrop on Thursday at the Albert Cafe in Kilburn, London.

We were totally bowled over by the response and what a fantastic first drop it was…12 very happy producers, over 100 very happy customers, a selection of scrummy local food samples and some jaw-droppingly huge root vegetables. 

One of FarmDrop’s guiding principles is to foster strong, direct relationships between food makers and customers, so it was incredibly heartening to see such positive interactions between our producers and shoppers. Pete Richardson’s beautifully pungent thyme prompted shoppers to share their favourite thyme recipes, Purton House Organics’ delicious tasters inspired a local mum to give her daughter her first ever sausage (which of course she absolutely loved) and there were plenty of (pretty awful) jokes about the size of Westmill Organics gigantic triffid-like parnsips. They were a real turnip for the books …(sorry but we did warn you!)

Reconnecting urban communities with rural communities is also incredibly important to us, so we were just bowled over when we heard that a local teacher who picked up some shopping is now planning to take her class to visit Westmill Organic farm in Oxfordshire to show them how food is grown.  Strengthening ties between the countryside and city dwellers is a real driving force behind what we do, so to see this happening in the first hour of the very first drop was just phenomenal.

Of course one of the highlights for the FarmDrop team was simply meeting our first shoppers! Finding out first hand what inspired people to shop, what produce they’d like to see available and what would make things easier for them was invaluable. We will always strive to make things as convenient as possible for producers and shoppers so please know we’re busy working to put this feedback into action! If you didn’t get to speak to one of the team directly or if have any further thoughts we would love to hear them. Click here and let us know what you think.  

Our first FarmDrop would not have been possible without the support of our first ever dropkeepers, local heros Caren and Hannah and, of course, the good people of NW6 who put their trust in the idea. We can’t wait to head back to Kilburn for our second drop on 21st March, but first we go south. Our first Peckham drop takes place on 14th March and orders need to be in by midnight tonight. More glorious local food is available here. 

Happy local eating Kilburnites and happy local shopping Peckhamites!

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