6 Pancake Recipes To Whip Up This Weekend

24th August 2021

From classic crepes to vegan pancakes to a delicious savoury stack, these are our favourite pancake recipes to whip up any old weekend

Classic crepes

crepe recipe

Whether you like yours with lemon and sugar, chocolate spread, or savoury with caramelised onions and cheese, this foolproof crepe recipe will guarantee thin, light, buttery pancakes, perfect with any topping and without any fuss. You can easily multiply or divide this quantities depending on how many you’re feeding.

Buttermilk pancakes with blackcurrant ripple

Buttermilk-Pancake recipe

Adding buttermilk to this pancake recipe results in richer yet lighter and fluffier American-style pancakes that are outrageously additive. You’ve been warned! The batter freezes nicely or you can cook the full batch of pancakes and flash them back in the frying pan to warm through before serving.

Blueberry & buckwheat vegan pancakes

vegan pancake recipe

Packed with chia seeds, blueberries, peanut butter and maple syrup, these vegan and gluten-free pancakes are just as tasty as a classic. Serve with extra maple syrup, of course.

Fluffy American pancakes

american pancake recipe

The perfect USA-style stack. Serve these fluffy American pancakes with crispy bacon or banana and plenty of maple syrup.

Buckwheat blinis

blini recipe

For a twist on the norm, try these buckwheat blinis served up with creme fraîche and smoked trout (our favourite is the amazing smoked trout from Hackney’s Secret Smokehouse). Buckwheat flour gives these pancakes a complex savoury flavour, and the added yeast makes them light and fluffy.

Savoury spinach pancakes

spinach pancakes

If you’re not a fan of straight-up pancakes for dinner, serve these savoury curried spinach pancakes alongside a curry or fry them as thin as you can, fill with a crunchy salad and roll it up. Serve with yoghurt and toasted nuts.

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