Periods Are Natural, So Shouldn’t Feminine Care Be Too?

8th March 2019

Sick of synthetic, chlorine-packed period products? And all the waste and expense of it too? Well, there might just be a solution. One that’s totally natural, cuts waste and saves you cash. You’ve probably heard of the Mooncup, but what about the nüdie cup? Disruptive femme care brand, &Sisters, are giving women a choice that’s better for their body and the planet, and helps women in need too.


Many tampons use cotton grown with harmful chemicals, which contain all sorts of perfumes, dyes and chlorine.

Periods are natural, so shouldn’t feminine care be too? That’s the question that Claire Lettice, CEO and Founder of &Sisters is asking. She defines her brand as an “ethical, socially conscious femme care brand, giving women a choice that’s better for their body, for the planet and for womankind”. But what does that mean exactly?

Let’s start with what we’re actually putting in our bodies

80% of women believe that regular, mainstream tampons are made from cotton. It’s not true. They’re actually host to synthetic fibres, dioxins, chlorine, perfumes and viscose, to name but a few. Not &Sisters. Their disposable products, that include tampons and pads, are made from 100% natural, certified organic cotton. No harmful chemicals here.

Save the waste

Determined to cut the huge waste of disposable period products that we use, &Sisters set about designing and manufacturing their own period cup. Designed for every woman, even the smallest size has the capacity of at least three mini tampons. The nüdie Period Cup is made from soft, hypoallergenic medical silicone, is coated with a smooth finish, makes periods healthier as well as making them cheaper. And the cherry on top? Using a nüdie cup can help save over 2,500 disposable period products, minimise carbon footprint and, ultimately, reduce our impact on the environment.

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Fighting period poverty

Period poverty refers to the millions of women and girls around the world who have to stay at home during their periods because they can’t afford period products. &Sisters donate 10% of all their profits towards supporting women’s health, education and economic empowerment. “We want to be kinder,” says Claire. “To ourselves, to each other and to our environment. And we want to be part of creating products that help us to be just that.”

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