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Planting New Seeds of Growth at Farmdrop

20th September 2019

Farmdrop’s new CEO Eleanor Herrin with founder Ben Pugh.

It’s been seven years since we launched Farmdrop, and in that time we’ve built a business with a clear mission to provide UK consumers with beautifully fresh produce from local farmers, delivered fresh to your door. Simply put we provide better groceries, delivered.

We’ve come a long way, we’ve built an incredible team and our business model is working for everyone: consumers, farmers and the environment. Now it’s about scaling it. I am so proud of this talented and mission-driven group of people who share my vision for making fresher, locally sourced, food available to everyone. 

But we still have huge ambitions. And so I am excited to announce today that I am passing the leadership baton to Farmdrop CFO Eleanor Herrin to be our new CEO. 

Since Eleanor joined Farmdrop 12 months ago as CFO, she has helped us truly refine and nail our business model, increase our average order value by £20 and helped us launch new products such as Made by Farmdrop; all resulting in a 75% growth rate in revenue year-on-year. The next chapter of Farmdrop is all about scaling and excellence in execution, and I can think of no one better to lead that charge. 

Prior to joining Farmdrop Eleanor completed an MBA at Wharton and spent 17+ years scaling businesses within one of the largest and most successful technology companies of all time – Amazon.  Eleanor joined Amazon in 1999, only four years after it was founded and two years after their IPO. In her 17 years there she worked across everything from books to consumer electronics, apparel to international supply chain and logistics, and finally was instrumental in the international expansion of the company’s now globally recognised food delivery services – Amazon Fresh and Amazon Pantry – where she  was responsible for Global Operations Finance for both businesses.

As the founder of Farmdrop, I know we have a huge opportunity ahead of us. Since Eleanor joined Farmdrop she has brought a massive upgrade to the business in terms of her proven expertise in fresh food delivery, seasoned operational track record and mission-driven DNA. 

Indeed, I believe I’ve found the best person possible to create more value for our stakeholders, farmers and customers and am extremely excited about this next stage for the business. 

I remain as committed as ever to Farmdrop and will continue to support Eleanor as a member of the board. Under Eleanor’s leadership I’m more confident and ambitious than ever that Farmdrop can make the process of having fresh, ethical food delivered direct from local farmers to your table possible for everyone in the UK. I do believe this is the right next step and that this will be a very positive transition, for me, for Eleanor and most importantly for our team and community of farmers, producers and customers.

I hope you will all join me and the Farmdrop team in welcoming Eleanor as our new CEO!

Ben Pugh


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