Produce of the week: Wild garlic

17th April 2015

What will you find if you go out in the woods today? Well, if you’re not knee-deep in nettles, or foraging for the delightful, conical shaped black morel mushrooms, (remember: if foraging for mushrooms, always forage with an expert – these ones must be cooked well first before eating!) then you may well end up in rummaging amongst wild garlic. It’s deep green spear-like shaped leaves and delicate six-petalled white flowers make it easy to identify, and the plant is abundant around pretty much most deciduous woodlands and riverbanks in Britain.

However, if you can’t make it to the woods anytime soon, we’re working with Purton House Organics to bring the real taste of spring to your door (or pick up point). Theirs comes straight from being picked from the woods around their Wiltshire farm. Wild garlic is a distant relative of chives, has a milder taste than dried garlic, and brings a unique depth of flavour to spring dishes, working well in salads, soups and risotto. So when it first arrives with you, give it a good sniff and take in one of the best scents of spring.

Wild garlic leaves by Purton House Organics, £1.25 for 500g

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