Producer of the week: Barber’s cheese

17th April 2015

Set in the idyllic countryside of Ditcheat in Somerset, the Barber family have been farming and making cheese at Maryland Farm since 1833. From starting out by selling milk from the farm locally and making cheese to the feed the family and farm workers, today the Barber farms comprise 2500 acres of Somerset dairy land and are a home to the tidy sum of 2,000 dairy cows.

What makes the Barber family business special is that they continue to use traditional ‘cheddaring’ techniques combined with a unique collection of traditional starter cultures, which they are the sole guardians of. Run by cousins Anthony, Chris, Charlie and Giles Barber, the sixth generation of the Barber family, they manage their own herds and it’s their hard work that goes into creating a truly typical West Country Farmhouse cheddar.

Vintage somerset cheddar by Barber’s cheese, £5.50 per 300g

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