Producer of the week: Bread Ahead

8th May 2015

Matt Jones and head baker Justin Gellatly are a brilliant bread-making powerhouse. Mavericks of dough and masters of British bakery, Matt and Justin have carved out a very special (and delicious) niche in traditional bread making. Based a crusty roll’s throw from Farmdrop HQ, Bread Ahead run a baking school from their bakery at Borough Market as well as a stall. Walk past the kitchen and its huge market-facing windows at the right time and you’ll see flour sacks piled-high, gatherings of floury bannetons and big tables primed for fresh dough.

Matt was previously founder of the organic bakery Flour Power, while Justin was head baker at St John Bakery. He brought with him legendary sourdough bread and unbelievably good doughnuts (yes, you really really do have to taste one for yourself – don’t even think about sharing). Flavours include custard caramel with salted honeycomb sprinkle, violet custard and apple jam. With a firm belief in creating the best baked products possible from British ingredients, it’s no wonder they’re called Bread Ahead.

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