Producer of the week: Comptoir Gourmand

12th June 2015

There’s something dangerous about this particular producer of traditional French patisserie. Very dangerous. The team of expert chefs at Comptoir Gourmand work round the clock to bake and create beautiful homemade pastries, tarts and macarons to satiate London’s longing for perfect patisserie – all in a kitchen under the Victorian arches of Maltby Street near London Bridge.

Okay, so unless I slip on a slice of chocolate cake, (which of course would never happen, as cake on the floor is pretty much up there in the sadness stakes with losing a puppy) where’s the potential for peril we hear you cry?

We’ll say it in eight simple words to cushion the blow. Chocolate salted caramel tarts delivered to your door. Yes, that’s right, with the click of a button, those buttery bad boys you count in your sleep (one chocolate salted caramel tart, two chocolate salted caramel tarts…we know it ain’t always sheep with you lot) will be with you, fresh from their kitchen and in inside yours.


And it’s not only tarts. Spinach & Cheese croissants filled with béchamel sauce and topped with melted cheddar cheese, baked caramelised custard Cannelés De Bordeaux, gluten free lemon & polenta cake, colourful meringues and the ultimate Parisian treat, macarons (in four different flavours no less), are all available on our site for your perfect pastry pleasure.

So what’s so dangerous about that? Don’t call us when you’ve run out of places to hide chocolate fondants round the place and have started to stash them in your shoes – and then forget about them until you feel the squish.

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