Producer of the week: Cultivate London

2nd July 2015

What do you get when you blend derelict city space with locally grown organic produce and social change? The enterprising team at Cultivate London have an incredible knack for making urban farming and changing lives look effortless.

Cultivate London is an urban farm and social enterprise based across three derelict sites in West London. Their mission is three-fold: to generate training opportunities for unemployed young people, to convert derelict and vacant land into productive food growing space, and to increase the amount of local and organically grown produce consumed by Londoners.

Started in 2010 by Charity Housing Pathways Trust, the team have won several awards for their work to get young people back on their feet – such as the 2012 Observer Food Monthly’s ‘Producer of the Year’ award.

Their hard work to make a long term impact on the lives of young people is compounded by a belief in changing the way Londoners think about where their food comes from. “It is cheaper to buy potato chips than it is to buy carrots. Enough said.” says Cultivate London’s Canadian-born General Manager, Adrienne Attorp. “So many people are disconnected from where their food actually comes from, and care more about its cost than the impact it has on their bodies and the environment”.

With their fresh, organic leaves such as peppery salad and seasonal potted herbs now available on our website, we hope it’ll be that little bit easier to make a connection with exactly where your food comes from. “We shouldn’t keep out-sourcing all of our food production” says Adrienne, “it doesn’t make sense in the long-term. Food growing is sexy. Believe it”.

See Cultivate London on Farmdrop

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