Producer of the week: Eckley Farm

25th February 2015

is an arable farm, near Tonbridge in Kent, and they’ve just started
supplying us with their award-winning Pure Kent Strong Stoneground Wholemeal flour and cold-pressed
rapeseed oil
. Their plan is that in every season half of their land
grows wheat, and the other half grows break crops such as oilseed rape,
field beans, peas, oats or linseed. That’s their plan, but quite often,
the weather changes the plan!

cover crops in the winter like mustard, fodder radish, vetch, sunflower
and oats, improves the soil. Their friends bring their sheep to graze
these cover crops and make nice fertiliser, they even spread it
themselves! They also professionally trample the crop down to feed the
soil biology.

farmers plant straight into the ground using a low disturbance direct
seed drill, without the need for ploughing and cultivating. This saves
fuel and time. It’s also really good for the soil, disturbing the soil
micro flora and fauna less, and reducing carbon loss into the

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