Producer of the week: Fosse Meadows Farm

24th April 2015

The story of the Ball’s family farm is one of fourth generation farming, small happy flocks and free range chicken who roam grassy pastures near Lutterworth in Leicestershire.

Having spent 12 years working in London as a fashion designer and property developer respectively, Nick Ball and Jacob Sykes turned their back on city life and returned to the Ball’s family farm to produce free-range poultry in traditional ways and using the highest welfare.

Grounded in a solid belief in good food, Nick and Jacob’s chickens are slow reared to maturity over 81 days, and are fed on an additive free corn rich diet. Reared underneath lamps in coloured sheds from day one, their chooks are given full access to open spaces, green pastures and hedgerows. With more space to wander in and longer lives than your average free range chicken, the result of this care and attention in a very flavourful bird indeed.

A little bird also tells us they sometimes make their way into the farmhouse garden – naughty birdies!

Try simmering the Happy Chicken Carcass in a pot with water, veg offcuts and a few herbs thrown in for a simple yet super tasty chicken stock – it’s only £1.00!

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