Producer of the week: Hinxden Dairy

25th June 2015

Remember how it used to be? When milk tasted of the countryside? The family at Hinxden Dairy look after their pedigree herds of Hinxden Guernsey and Holstein Friesian cows to bring you just that – great quality, fresh tasting dairy.


The farm is run by three siblings, Graham, Sally and Richard, who are third generation dairy farmers. They don’t bat an eyelid at getting up at 2.30am to start their working day (and coming to our fete after!).

Hinxden Farm began in 1930 with 35 acres and 5 cows. They have since grown to 700 rolling acres of pasture in the Kent and East Sussex countryside for their 200 cows to slowly munch their way through in the summer. The winter sees them contemplating life, in Hinxden’s roomy barns, protected from the elements on a thick bed of straw and continually eating home grown forage.


Using modern equipment but traditional techniques, relaxed and contented cows give high yields in a low stress environment, to produce a range of dairy products including creams, yoghurts and traditional crème fraiche.

Their milks include: fully-skimmed, semi-skimmed, whole and creamy Channel Island. Unlike much mass produced milk, Hinxden’s is pasteurised but unhomogenised, so you’ll find the natural cream rising to the top in your bottle. Just give it a little shake before pouring, (unless or you fancy yourself the cat who got the cream…).

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