Producer of the week: Hodmedod

22nd May 2015

So, first things first: what is a hodmedod? (Assuming whatever ‘it’ is, is indeed an ‘it’). Meaning a snail in Suffolk, a hedgehog in Norfolk, and generally referring to something round or curled up, the wonderfully off-the-wall word truly fits with the beating pulse of the business – championing our forgotten heritage through long lost peas and beans.

Based on the Norfolk-Suffolk border, Hodmedod share a belief in good, sustainable and local food, and have worked together with British farmers to revive indigenous pulses and grains. When Nick Saltmarsh, Josiah Meldrum and William Hudson founded the company back in 2012, finding British-grown pulses in shops was a tricky feat. Fast forward to 2015 and they have over a dozen varieties of dried British peas and beans available, as well as roasted and salted snack beans and peas, and varieties of their take on the classic canned bean.

All Hodmedod’s pulses and grains are British-grown. Their first product was the fava bean, grown in Britain since the Iron Age but little eaten in recent centuries. Split fava beans are especially versatile and easy to cook as they’re an easy going bean that doesn’t need soaking. Since launching fava beans in late 2012 Hodmedod have been unstoppable in their search and development of other less well-known foods, such as ‘black badger’ carlin peas and quinoa grown in Essex. Who’d have thought eh?

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