Producer of the week – Ivy House Farm

30th January 2015


Having started farming in the lovely Somerset village of Beckington in the early eighties, Ivy House now milk 120 Jersey cows, rear all their calves and aim to grow all the feed for the animals.

The farm is a family business run by Geoff, his wife Kim and their 3 kids – Melissa, Amy and Darren. Everyone is involved in the business from taking orders, milking the cows, packaging products to delivering the milk and cream. Processing all their own milk products has allowed the small farm to survive.

They produce 500 litres of raw milk a day to make an amazing range of products including the often-forgotten buttermilk, brilliant for making scones, soda bread and pancakes. It’s lower in fat than you might expect and high in protein.

This is a great time to support the local dairy industry with farmers facing deep and rapid drops in milk prices of late. The number of UK dairy farmers has dropped below 10,000 for the first time and they need our support.

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