Producer of the week: Papi’s Pickles

17th June 2015

Doesn’t the name Papi’s Pickles feel so very satisfying to say? It simply rolls off the tongue with ease and affection, much like the way the team’s passion for what they do permeates their pickles.

Papi’s Pickles is a family run, community-driven social enterprise. Founded by Abi Ramanan and with head chefs Radhi Mani and Shanthini Ramanan, together they cook authentic South Indian and Sri Lankan food using the best seasonal, local and organic ingredients, and working closely with unemployed women from these communities who live in the UK.

Taking inspiration for their recipes from Shanthini – a woman who for them embodies the grace, kindness and beauty found across South India – Papi’s Pickles believe that the work women do within the home should be valued more by society. Using their South Indian heritage and cultural bonds, they provide access to employment and confidence building opportunities, side-by-side with promoting the rich history of the food and their community.

Taking the shape of a selection of healthy ready meals for lunch and dinner in handy recyclable pots, you can experience the fresh authentic flavours and spices of South Indian soul food over a pit stop office lunch break or a long, laid-back dinner with friends. Dishes include Semolina Kitchadi (semolina with frangrant spices and vegetables), Devilled Aubergine and Sauteed Green Beans with freshly grated Coconut, and Coconut Milk Rice, Fish Sambal and Sri Lankan Aubergine Curry with Coconut milk.

Once you’ve tried their fresh sambal (a spicy South Asian condiment) made with sustainably sourced mackerel, organic vegetables and freshly grated ginger, garlic and tamarind, there’ll be no going back and you’ll be adding it to everything (like ketchup)!

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