Producer of the week: Weald Smokery

29th May 2015

‘Holy smoke!’ exclaimed the local fire brigade as they rushed to the Weald Smokery to put outwhat they believed to be an accidental fire. But accidental it was not – head smoker and master craftsman Wayne knew exactly what he was doing, and the firefighters were no doubt salivating as they took in the delicious smells of meat, cheeses and salmon gently smoking over the Kent and Sussex oak fire.

Using traditional smoking techniques learnt from Weald Smokery owner Andrew, Waynechops the kindling and logs himself, to make sure they are exactly the right size for the grate and to maintain an even temperature. The smoke rises up through the kilns by natural convection, and unlike modern kilns, which recirculate the smoke, the traditional design draws a constant stream of fresh smoke over the food – creating a taste that’s cleaner, fresher and more authentic.

Now that we’re well and truly entering picnic season, we’re sure you’ll be as delighted as weare to have the Weald Smokery on hand to provide the delectable hams and cheeses central to any respectable summer spread.

Read more about the Weald Smokery here

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