Producer of the week: Wild Country Organics

17th July 2015

It’s not everyday you meet a farmer who is also a Doctor. Meet the man behind the multi-award winning organic vegetable farm, Dr. Adrian Izzard. In 1998, following gaining a PhD in Human Nutrition from Cambridge, Adrian made the decision to reopen the family farm which had been closed since his parents’ retirement. He now employs a team of 45 who work on a farm of 30 acres and do everything from sowing to working at market stalls.

The farm’s organic ethos has led to the growing of produce that bursts with flavour and is of incredible quality incomparable to any supermarket produce. Tomatoes are Adrian’s favourite thing to grow, and when you see them you can understand why. Their colour, shape and fragrance is heavenly, and the amount of tending they require makes them a time-intensive but very satisfying crop.

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