Product of the week: Baron Bigod

29th May 2015

Mon Dieu, the French will have serious brie­ envy when they see what Suffolk’s Fen FarmDairy have to offer with their smooth, creamy Baron Bigod Brie – the only raw milk Brie deMeaux-­style cheese produced in the UK.
The soft white bloomy-­rind cheese is handmade on the farm in the early hours of the morningusing warm raw milk straight from the cow for utmost freshness. It has a smooth silky textureand a golden curd, with earthy farmyard and mushroom flavours that pair beautifully with asimple slice of fresh crusty bread.
Devour it straight from the cheeseboard with a glass of red wine, or on toast with a sprinklingof salt and pepper. We’d suggest some recipes but with its luxurious texture and delicate flavours, we don’t expect your Baron Bigod (pronounced ‘By God!’) to be around long enough for you to cook it …

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