Product of the week: New Season Asparagus

1st May 2015

You know it’s properly springtime when asparagus starts to turn on up menus…everywhere. Putting its aphrodisiac qualities aside, (we still wouldn’t advise drinking it as a paste on a tough date, unless of course it was in a pine infused juice made by Noma chef René Redzepi) this fresh crop of asparagus comes from Edward in Wayborough Farm in Kent – a friend and neighbouring farmer of the Deme family down at Chegworth Valley farm. Edward has just started harvesting these succulent stems, and we’re so pleased to be one of the first to provide you with new season asparagus grown in Britain.

Lightly steaming the tender sticks will help to bring out their fragrant flavour, which we hear is best enjoyed simply covered in butter. Try whizzing up anchovies or capers into softened butter and then liberally dolloping it on top post-steam, with a few shaves of Parmesan too if you feel the need for cheese. If you’ve got the BBQ out, don’t be afraid to get them on a hot grill – the charring will bring out a nice bit of umami flavour to the bittersweet stems, and complete with blackened stripes, they also look pretty jazzy too.

New Season Asparagus by Chegworth Valley, £4.00 per bunch

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