Product of the week: Organic Courgette Flowers

14th May 2015

Could these be too pretty to eat? Well, maybe. But just for a second. When there’s warm, creamy ricotta that awaits inside its deep fried exterior, all thoughts about preservation for the sake of beauty evaporate pretty much as quickly as the moreish morsels disappear from the plate. There’s really not much time to hang about when in the presence of these beauteous bad boys.

Delicate they may look, but after stuffing them with a cheese such as ricotta or a little ball of mozzarella, and then deep frying them in a thin batter complete with finely grated parmesan, it turns out they’re hearty yet at the same time light to eat. Serve with aioli, or a herby mayonnaise, or even a salsa made with courgettes, tomatoes and peppers, (if you’ve got the Courgettes en Fleur, even better). If in the mood for mezze, try with a smoky dollop of baba ganoush.

Don’t fancy frying? You can always stuff and bake them up in the oven, tear into a creamy pasta dish or sprinkle into salads for a colourful accent. By omitting an oozy cheesy enclave you might just have bought yourself a few more precious seconds to admire them, but only just a few mind.

Organic Courgette Flowers by Wild Country Organics, £2.50 per bag

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