Product of the week: Organic Leafy Bundle

5th June 2015

Greens glorious greens! Don’t they just look the epitome of health with their deep colours, frilly edges and beautifully broad leaves perfect for displaying all that? Just looking at them makes you feel healthier, as if by merely being in their presence you’ll soak up some of that good stuff.

Adrian at Wild Country Organics really knows his stuff when it comes to growing greens truly stuffed nutrients – his PhD in Human Nutrition from Cambridge University certainly sees to that! His Leafy Veg Bundle is crammed with treats such as spinach, basil, wild rocket and tuscan kale and is properly bounteous, leafy and green. They’re almost like the imagined leaves of fairytales and folklore in that they’re nothing at all like the ones your eyes will be familiar with from the supermarket. They’re also so packed with flavour that the spinach actually requires a bit of chewing and hold up to a little blanching quite nicely.

A dedicated grower of nutrient-rich, great tasting organic fruit and veg, Adrian’s favourite meal is the healthy and simple dish of steamed pak choi, kale and spinach with fish. A fine choice for a healthy summer supper we say.

See Adrian at Wild Country Organic’s Organic Leafy Bundle on Farmdrop

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