Product of the week: Organic Tomato Speciality Punnet

8th May 2015

These gorgeous nuggets of tomatoey goodness are a selection of speciality varieties grown by The Tomato Stall on the Isle of Wight in the Arreton Valley – chosen for its extra sunshine hours. Grown in a completely biodegradable system – from the coconut husk that their plants are grown in, to the strings that support the plants – all plant waste is composted and used to enrich the soil of their organic crops the following year.

A punnet of these technicolour tommys is made up of a mixture of different speciality tomatoes, and there are over 40 varieties grown each year. Try using Golden Mini Plum to brighten up a simple salad or sample the sweetness of the dark green Kumato with just salt, pepper and a smidge of olive oil.

Organic Tomato Speciality Punnet by The Tomato Stall, £2.10 per punnet

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