Product of the week: Purple Sprouting Broccoli

23rd January 2015


This delicate looking brassica is surprisingly robust and can see out the bitter English winter being perfectly in season between now and March.

High in vitamin C, dietary fibre and beta-carotene it is leafier than the traditional calabrese with a large number of purple heads. The fresher the vegetable, the higher the nutritional content, (after being picked the sugars start to turn to starch).  We make sure ours is as fresh as it gets, selected straight from two our farmers then delivered to your door.

When cooked, this vegetable is a versatile one. For quick eats, simply steam your broccoli, then allow a large dollop of butter to melt slowly on top. Toss with a squeeze of fresh lemon and a few capers. Alternatively, try with pasta (our fresh rigatoni from La Tua or egg conchiglie from Casa Grande) folding in garlic, anchovy fillets, chilli and parmesan.

Purple sprouting can also be cooked at length; combine with garlic, anchovies, cream, salt and cracked black pepper. Grate over some of our vintage Somerset Cheddar then place under a hot grill and let your supper bubble and brown its way to tenderness.

(Written by Mark Brodie but with the considerable copy skills of Sasha!)

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