Recipe of the week: Poached egg, asparagus and bacon on sourdough toast

8th May 2015

Treat yourself to some sourdough and make a few lazy brunches this Real Bread Week weekend. The bread will of course taste pretty awesome on its own, but topped with a runny-centred poached egg, new season asparagus and some cured bacon, this wholesome yet hearty breakfast means business.

Poached egg, asparagus and bacon on sourdough toast

Serves 2

Grab a frying pan and put your bacon on to fry. Keep an eye on it!

Take two medium saucepans, fill with water and bring to the boil. Whilst this is happening, slice your sourdough and crack your eggs into two separate ramekins. When the water has hit boiling in one pan, using a slotted spoon and swirl the water around to get a ‘whirlpool’ going. Pick up one ramekin, bring close to the water and drop the egg in. Turn down to a medium heat and leave to cook for 2 minutes – a timer is handy here. The swirl should wrap the egg around it itself, (if all goes well!). When time is up, remove from the pan using the slotted spoon and place on piece of kitchen paper on a plate. Repeat for the second egg.

Remove the root ends of your asparagus. Pop your bread in the toaster. When the water is boiling in the second pan, turn the heat down to medium and place the asparagus in. Leave to simmer and remove after just a minute or two – you want it to keep its bite. Drizzle the toast with a little oil.

When everything is ready to your liking, place the toast on the plate and pile everything on top to your heart’s content – because hey, it’s the weekend.

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