Sea the naked truth

24th March 2016

As celebrities bare all with dead deep sea fish in order to raise awareness of destructive fishing practices for global movement FishLove, the state of our fragile marine ecosystem is getting the attention it deserves. This bold move is an attempt to get people talking about how to tackle overfishing before it is too late, so let’s talk about what we do to help!



Last week, our buyer Jaks went to visit two of our Farmdrop fishermen for their morning catch – rod and line seabass fisherman John and crab and lobster pot fisherman Gavin

Farmdrop offers the right way to enjoy fresh fish that protects and doesn’t threaten. All of our fish comes from fisheries that sustain the delicate eco balance of sea life and is completely traceable from deck to dish, so that you know exactly where your fish is from and can be assured that it was caught responsibly. The guys (and gals) we work with are bringing fishing back to its roots and venture just a few miles from the shore on small day boats, using low-impact rod and line or handline methods to protect the local ecosystem. Shopping at Farmdrop means not only will you be eating the freshest, most delicious seasonal fish around, but you’ll also be supporting your local fishermen and their way of life.


A bucket of crabs shot pot caught by Farmdrop fisherman Gavin at Lyme Bay Reserve, a Marine National Park stretching from Chesil Beach at Abbotsbury in Dorset, to Beer Head in Devon. It is managed as such with direct involvement of the fishermen through the Lyme Bay Fisheries and Conservation Reserve Consultative Committee which contain two representative fishermen members from each of the four ports. A new way to manage our seas!

A fantastic way of showing your love of fish is by celebrating some less popular but equally delicious species, which will help to save our commercially popular, over-fished breeds from extinction. So how about trying something a little bit different today? Hake, a beautifully delicate, flaky white fish, is an environmentally sustainable alternative to cod and we are offering it to you for free.

Enter the code: HAKELOVE at checkout when you spend £30 or more by midnight on Thursday 31st March and you’ll receive two free hake fillets caught by Dreckly Fish out of the port of Newlyn, Cornwall (one code use her customer.)



We aim to get your hake the morning of your delivery from the Cornish Coast with our friendly fishermen Dreckly Fish, but because our fish is so fresh they sometimes don’t get the catch they were after. In this unlikely scenario we have to get a last minute replacement from further up the coast with fishermen we know and trust.

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