Seasonal fruit and veg to enjoy this month

1st December 2017

The annual British hungry gap may be fast approaching but there’s still plenty of variety in seasonal fruits and vegetables to get excited about. Here’s some inspiration to get you planning for the heart of winter.  

Brussels sprouts tops

seasonal fruits and vegetables

Long ignored, sprout tops were once destined to lie discarded in fields after harvest or fed to livestock. Thankfully, these lovely leaves are coming back into favour. Similar to spring greens, these tops wilt down deliciously – try chopping and sautéeing with onions, streaky bacon and chestnuts for a festive side. Or serve with fried eggs for Boxing Day breakfast.  

Spring greens

seasonal fruits and vegetables

Despite their name, spring greens grow in winter too – these are grown by the guys at Goldhill Organic Farm in Dorset, pictured here. Part of the brassica family, spring greens are sweeter and more delicate than the rest of their cabbage cousins. They do well sautéed with butter and a squeeze of lemon juice, and are full of Vitanin C. Ideal fodder for winter.

Leafy clementines  

seasonal fruits and vegetables

Juicy seasonal clementines, from our organic wholesalers at Langridge Organic farm, make for the best stocking fillers.


seasonal fruits and vegetables

A must-have for Christmas dinner, these earthy, sweet veg are extra good when roasted with honey and mustard. We farmer Pete at a neighbouring farm to Purton House Organics to thank for these.

Carolus potatoes

seasonal fruits and vegetables

Our Carolus spuds come from Fred, the wonderful farmer at Home Farm Highgrove in Gloucestershire. He grows over 100 different organic crops, focusing in particular on potatoes of different varieties, of which these are one of them. Carolus potatoes are slightly floury and work especially well either baked or cut into chips.

Red alouette potatoes

seasonal fruits and vegetables

These red-skinned alouettes are a good all-rounder. Try them roasted for your Christmas dinner, or baked whole for a comforting winter supper.

Inspired? Head over here for more of our growers’ in-season fruit and veg and visit our guide on how to pick the perfect potato for your culinary needs as their season kicks off.

The availability of all seasonal fruits and vegetables are subject to – you’ve guessed it – seasonality, location, oh and the weather. Keep your eyes peeled to enjoy them at the height of their season!

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