Seasonal fruit and veg to enjoy in November

6th November 2017

Summer’s bumper crop might be over, but November promises some new excitement. From humble roots and orchard fruits to striking brassicas, take a look at which seasonal fruits and vegetables our wonderful British farmers are harvesting this month.

Bunched Turnips

Seasonal fruits and vegetables November

Turnips out the field at Purton House Organics – they’ll scrub up nicely.

These lovely turnips are sweet and delicately flavoured. Grown by our friends at Purton House Organics in Wiltshire, they’re bunched up with their greens too. Turnips roast well, so think about adding them to your Sunday roast veg medley, and chop and sautée the greens with garlic to serve up alongside.

Romanesco Cauliflower

Seasonal fruits and vegetables November

Ready-to-go romanesco at Purton House Organics.

Somewhere between a cauliflower and a broccoli in flavour, the Romanesco is hands-down the most striking member of the brassica family. Look at those patterns! We like them blanched with lots of good olive oil.

Kale, various varieties

Seasonal fruits and vegetables November

Take your pick: Curly Kale, Red Russian and Cavolo Nero in the field at Grown Green.

It’ll be hard to get bored with this winter leaf. Grown Green and Purton House in Wiltshire both offer a variety that spans Cavolo Nero, Red Russian, Curly Green and Curly Red Kale.

Jerusalem Artichokes

Jerusalem artichoke tubers aka Helianthus tuberosus.

This knobbly tuber is nutty and rich, and particularly good blitzed into a silky soup (try it with a bit of a blue cheese), or roasted with your favourite root veg. We’re getting our supply from Close Farm in Tetbury, Gloucestershire.


Seasonal fruits and vegetables this November

Swedes fresh out of the ground at Purton House Organics.

Purton House Organics’ lovely swedes. Not the sexiest of root vegetables, but they’re all-mighty when mashed up with plenty of butter or baked gratin-style with woody herbs and red onion. Swedes make a good soup too, particularly with a few parsnips thrown in.  Try our Westmill Organics’ parsnips, which are also right in season this month.

Wet Walnuts 

Seasonal fruits and vegetables in November

Have you tried a wet walnut?

Wet walnuts are a special thing. In season for just a few weeks in autumn, these fresh nuts – as opposed to the dry ones you can get in the shops – have a milky taste with a slight crunch, and are delicious just as they are. These ones come from Mash Purveyors in West Sussex.

Brussels Sprouts

Seasonal fruits and vegetables this November

No, not an alien, but Brussels sprouts on the stalk.

It’s the season for our favourite sprouts, fresh off the stalk. For a bit of a change on the standard boiled Brussels, try pan-frying them with garlic, crispy pancetta and chilli.

Apples and Pears

A sweet sample of British apple varieties

A sweet sample of our British apple varieties.

The season is ripe for an orchard harvest, and our growers over at Chegworth Valley, Brogdale Fine Fruits and Baretilt Farm all have amazing varieties on offer. Find out more on which ones you can expect to be enjoying right now.

Inspired? Head over here for more of our growers’ in-season fruit and veg.

The availability of all seasonal fruits and vegetables are subject to – you’ve guessed it – seasonality, location, oh and the weather. Keep your eyes peeled to enjoy them at the height of their season!

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