Season’s Eatings: Vitelotte Potatoes

4th July 2014
Potatoes: dependable, filling, comforting, versatile – but pretty? Not really. Of course, sweet potatoes can always be relied on for a antioxidant-rich colour-burst on your plate but if it’s an earthier taste you’re after, then you might have to sacrifice looks for flavour. Mightn’t you?
Enter the Vitelotte potato, a variety that originally hails from Peru and Bolivia and brings to the table a right royal pop of purple – beneath that inky exterior lies rich violet flesh which doesn’t fade when cooked and which, like other types of ‘blue’ produce such as blueberries and purple cabbage, are packed with health-boosting anthocyanin. In basic terms? They have anti-ageing properties and can help to reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease.
But how do they taste? Well, the French know a thing or two about taste (and about anti-ageing for that matter) and they’ve been cultivating them as a delicacy since the mid-1800s. Vitelotte potatoes have a slightly nutty flavour that works brilliantly in salads so they’re perfect for summer, but we’ve rounded up a bunch of other ideas below for you to try too:
Vitelotte potatoes are currently available from Chegworth Valley at the Finchley Road, E17 and Muswell Hill FarmDrops now, so if you’re local and want more colour in your life (and on your plate) get your orders in.

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