A shinier Farmdrop: our brand upgrade

21st September 2018


Today we’ve given Farmdrop a lick of paint in the form of a new logo, positioning and brand identity.

We operate in grocery, the most insanely competitive business on the planet. As a relatively unknown player we operate alongside traditional supermarkets, veg boxes and recipe boxes. The question we get asked most is  “Are you a veg box?”. Although we love veg boxes, our name doesn’t help this preconception of being a weekly fixed format veg box being left on a customer’s doorstep.



Better food all round.

Farmdrop’s mission is to fix the food chain. It sounds lofty but it’s really a return to sustainable mixed farming that pays back directly to the local farmer. Supermarkets drive towards profit for shareholders. Farmdrop drives towards quality ingredients and food made and raised with love.

Convenience culture is destroying our family culture. Great food has a story. Great food is a pleasure to cook, a pleasure to serve, a pleasure to eat. Great food is not bleeped through a till and scoffed in a thoughtless blur. Great food elevates even a simple meal into something special.

Great food is grown with care, raised with love, packed by hand. When you have a system which brings great food to your door and does the right thing by producers, animals and the planet, well, what’s not to love?

What’s in a logo?

Our old logo was…  homespun, and if we’re completely honest… a bit crap. But one of our biggest design problems was that it didn’t allow us to have a coherent identity across digital channels as a modern brand should. On the app store we had an icon that appeared absolutely nowhere else. It was a fudge.

We wanted to capture the idea of a sustainable food system – a circular journey – better food all round. We loved the shape of an egg. Near circular. Humble. Likeable. And a step away from just veg.


A new type of supermarket

Over the last couple of years we have tried to position ourselves against the supermarkets. Supermarkets are convenient but generally loathsome especially in the way they treat producers and animals. Farmdrop now have a big enough range and even next day delivery, so we really want to bring it to them.

We accept we’re not the cheapest, but we do want to be the best; for food and service. We only need a tiny slice of the grocery market to be a sizeable business and to make sizeable impact on food production. Our shiner brand is more premium for people who care about the quality and provenance of their food.


How we built a shiner Farmdrop brand

We began with brand planning sessions involving our internal stakeholders which we ran ourselves. We hired a room off-site and gave the process the time and consideration it deserved. A big hat tip towards Eat Big Fish. We read their books and met some of their team in person. We used their challenger brand thinking to create a lighthouse brand model which became the foundation for the design work. 

Blended internal team and external studio

When we began the design sprints it became clear that we didn’t have the time to get momentum. We had some fonts and colours we liked, but it just didn’t feel easy to be objective about ourselves. We contacted Confederation Studio and floated the idea of our team working at their studio. It felt great for us, but potentially scary for them. Client/Agency relationships can be hard enough without having to literally work together.

The collaborative process worked really well as we could all see the benefits. Their studio got a chance to help build a mission-led business with a great story and our team got to learn how to be objective and be part of the design process. Over a few short weeks we built a trust together. When it came to the core logo we gave Confederation the space to develop and present back to us. The identity elements aside from the logo we built together. Our super talented in-house creative team are now beginning to translate that work into something visually beautiful. The process was fun, quick and energetic because we worked together without titles or hierarchy; just focussing on getting to a result we all felt proud of.

We hope you like the shinier Farmdrop.









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