Sourdough September

14th September 2013

This September, sourdough lovers around the UK are sharing and demystifying the delicious delights of the original (and in our opinion one of the best) form of leavened real bread.

The Real Bread Campaign’s “Sourdough September” celebrates the joys and benefits of bread made using wild yeast instead of baker’s yeast.

Genuine sourdough bread is leavened only using a live “starter” which is made by mixing flour and water to nurture one or more species of yeast and lactic acid bacteria that occur naturally on the surface of cereal grains, and therefore in the flour.

As well as developing a beautifully flavoursome loaf, aroma, and texture,  studies have found that long fermentation using a sourdough starter means the bread is easier to digest than standard loaves and more nutritious too.

And growing your own starter from scratch is far less complicated than it might sound. Although it takes a good few days to get going, once it’s established it just needs regular feeds of flour to keep it bubbling away. When you want to make a loaf, you simply take a portion of the starter, mix it with some flour, salt and water and off you go.

There are tonnes of sourdough starter recipes out there – our favourite for its simplicity and quality of the starter is the Virtuous Bread method which you can read here.

If you’re not quite ready to take that jump, you can always head to your local farmers market or artisan bakery and pick up a loaf. Lightly toast, top with good cheese with some dressed salad leaves on the side and a simple, but hugely satisfying lunch in minutes. Enjoy!

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