Baking-hot weather, BBQs, Beach, Beers…Broccoli?

27th July 2013

The race is on this summer for British farmers to harvest a crop of broccoli that is three-times larger than the average season. This is thanks to the icy-cold spring that we endured this year that has significantly boosted brassica yields.

The issue is, we don’t tend to regard broccoli as a summer snack, it’s seen as more of a winter warmer. In this unprecedented July weather, us Brits are denying our green, stalky, edible friends the chance to be plated up alongside our burgers, our sausages, our peppers and our corn on the cobs. Oh how wrong we are. It makes for a fantastically fresh substitute for asparagus in summer dishes.

We love this recipe… http://bit.ly/18GJ9JK

…but get creative, and lets help our British farmers and save our British broccoli from a lonely existence. 

How will you eat yours?


via The Guardian:- http://bit.ly/12PUnno

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