Sustainable Developments at Pip Organic

9th February 2021

A guest post from our friends at Pip Organic.

Pip Organic produce is award-winning organic juices, smoothies, sparkling drinks and ice lollies. Our business was founded by husband and wife Patrick and Karen, who started making healthy and pure organic juices on the weekend from a small stall at London’s famous Borough Market. The demand for our juices was so great we realised we were onto something. A whole heap of juicing and a couple of kids later Pip Organic was born. our mission is to create top-tasting, fun and healthy food & drink for all the family, that is so crammed with 100% organic goodness there is just no room for nasties or compromise!

As an organic business sustainability is at the heart of the Pip Organic brand, we work closely with farmers and constantly look at how we can improve our range and packaging to ensure everything that we do is as sustainable as possible and in doing this we challenge the materials that we use. Sometimes the improvements are small and not visible to our customers but add to the environment goals within the business. A few of our recent innovations include launching our piptastic paper straw and the reduction and removal of plastic in our range.

Our Piptastic New Straws

A lot of our drinks are sold to our customers when they are out and about so when the hospitality industry saw the ban of the plastic straw on the 1st of Oct 2020, ahead of the retail ban due in July 2021, we wanted to support their efforts to reduce plastic. Our paper straw has been a focus for 3 years, we’ve tested 100s of options and after a successful trial of our paper straws in Feb last year, all our kids cartons are now being produced with paper straws from renewable sources. We estimate that by introducing our straw early, we will remove over 10 million straws ahead of the ban!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We’re also thrilled that, as of last year, our delicious Cold Pressed juices are now sold in bottles made up of 75% recycled plastic and 25% biobased plastic. This new material combines three actions to contribute to the reduction of plastic waste in the world: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We reduce the amount of plastic by reusing packaging materials and after use, the bottle can be recycled up to 5 times!

Now for the technical bit… Many of our customers ask us why our Cold Pressed Juice is not packed in glass bottles. This is due to the manufacturing process – in order to give you a delicious, top-quality juice at home we use a cold pasteurisation method called High Pressure Processing (HPP). Our process requires a plastic bottle as materials like glass would shatter under the pressure.    

With our new bottles switching from 100% virgin plastic (PET) to 75% recycled plastic (RPET) and 25% Biobased plastic we are lowering our CO2 emissions – which we are very proud of. Additionally, we are delighted to have launched two new Pip Organic Sparkling drinks within our range that are packed in fully recyclable aluminium.

How can you help?

Here at Pip we believe that being kind to your body is a personal choice but being kind to the environment is a shared responsibility. With that in mind, wherever we can we take on the cost of being environmentally responsible and sustainable within our supply chain and packaging. We hope you agree that this is a great change in the right direction. Please support our mission by ensuring you always recycle our packing so we can make many more old Pip bottles into new ones!

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