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  • Warm Spelt salad with fennel
    Living Recipes Thinking Vegan

    5 Energy Boosting Recipes

    What we eat has a big impact on our mood, well-being and energy levels, so we’ve rounded up out top 5 energy boosting recipes to take you through the day. Start with energy boosting…

    22nd April 2020
  • Living

    The food trends you need to know about

    From foraging to fermenting and from eating offal to cooking ancient grains, 2018 sees a return to our heritage as traditional methods and forgotten foods are brought back into the mainstream. Here’s our forecast…

    11th December 2017
  • Cooking

    Everything you need to know about amaranth

    Looking to shake up your grain game? This tiny seed of amaranth, meaning ‘everlasting’ in Greek, is just as nutritious as quinoa and contains more protein than oats. Here are its many benefits brought…

    19th October 2017