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  • Farming Thinking

    How supermarkets ruined dairy

    Ruthless supermarket pricing, overproduction, and changing tastes have put the dairy industry under pressure. We take a look at how this happened and what the future holds for dairy. Nothing epitomises the corrupting effect…

    15th May 2018
  • Farming Thinking

    How supermarkets ruined pork

    New campaign positions pork as healthy as chicken but a staggering 90% of all pork sold in the UK is intensively farmed. Lizzie Rivera reveals the truth behind the pork we eat, the murky…

    21st March 2018
  • Thinking

    Support chicken freedom through the medium of origami

    Fancy your hand at creating an origami chicken masterpiece? Take the challenge and show your support for improving the conditions of intensively farmed real life chickens.   Supermarkets have the chicken business down. 94%…

    13th September 2017