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  • flat peach salad recipe

    5 Ways With Juicy Flat Peaches

    Beautiful on the eye and sweet on the tongue, flat peaches (also known as doughnut or Saturn peaches) pack a pretty punch and are in season during the summer months. A little sweeter than…

    18th July 2019
  • Cooking

    Here’s How To Tell If Your Eggs Are Fresh

    A recent study by food waste app, Too Good To Go, has shown that Britons bin 720 million eggs every year. That’s three times more than in 2008 and at a cost of £139 million.…

    11th April 2019
  • Farming

    5 foods you’ll never see in a supermarket scandal

    It’s official – your supermarket’s gone stale. From an international egg contamination scandal to the invention of fake farms on fresh produce, have we reached a supermarket scandal too far? What they’re up to isn’t big, it isn’t…

    11th August 2017
  • Farming

    On the farm with Geoff Bowles at Ivy House Dairy

    Geoff Bowles’ family farm is beating the dairy crisis. When milk prices began to drop Geoff and his wife swiftly made the bold decision to process all of their own milk. This livelihood-saving move…

    2nd June 2016