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    DIY Pantry

    How To Make Milk Kefir In 3 Easy Steps

    Milk kefir is a cultured, bio-live milk drink, packed with live gut-friendly bacteria. You can get hold of it ready-made (Bio-tiful make an incredible-tasting organic kefir) or you can make it yourself…

    3rd April 2019
  • Cooking

    Recipe ideas for a seasonal Easter feast

    We’ve got your back this Easter with our take on a traditional Easter lunch and laid-back dishes with ingredients from the best local producers for a seasonal feast. There are no…

    17th March 2016
  • Thinking

    Support the sugary drinks tax

    Farmdrop founder Ben Pugh is a proud signatory of a petition to introduce a tax on sugary drinks. He explains why… Whilst Jamie Oliver’s documentary last night made for heavy viewing,…

    4th September 2015
  • Farming

    Step away from the juice carton….

    …..and grab a handful of blueberries instead. A study has found that eating blueberries, grapes, apples and pears cuts the risk of type 2 diabetes but drinking fruit juice can in…

    31st August 2013