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  • Snack Balls
    Cooking Recipes Vegan

    Kid-friendly Snack Balls

    These easy-to-make, good-for-your-tummy snack balls are the perfect snack for kids (and grown-ups!) at any time of the day. Weigh out and separate all the ingredients into bowls before you blend so the kids…

    20th April 2020
  • Japanese rice bowl
    Recipes Vegan

    Miso Aubergine Rice Bowl

    This healthy vegetarian rice bowl uses Nojo’s white miso sauce to give a rich, savoury taste with minimal effort and without lots of different ingredients. Slow roasting the aubergines gives them a delicious texture…

    15th April 2020
  • Cooking

    Here’s How To Tell If Your Eggs Are Fresh

    A recent study by food waste app, Too Good To Go, has shown that Britons bin 720 million eggs every year. That’s three times more than in 2008 and at a cost of £139 million.…

    11th April 2019
  • Farming Thinking

    How supermarkets ruined dairy

    Ruthless supermarket pricing, overproduction, and changing tastes have put the dairy industry under pressure. We take a look at how this happened and what the future holds for dairy. Nothing epitomises the corrupting effect…

    15th May 2018
  • Cooking

    Everything you need to know about amaranth

    Looking to shake up your grain game? This tiny seed of amaranth, meaning ‘everlasting’ in Greek, is just as nutritious as quinoa and contains more protein than oats. Here are its many benefits brought…

    19th October 2017