The Asparagus Lineup

21st April 2016

Asparagus is the superhero of Spring. As soon as the big old fireball in the sky starts to shine, up it comes growing at a speed of up to 10cm per day.


But not all asparagus is created equal and to make the point we’ve put ours head to head with what’s being delivered from three major UK supermarkets to see if you can identify the cream of the crop.


The big juicy fella on the right is obviously Farmdrop’s. It’s dark purply tips and thick stalks are so tender and fresh, you can eat the whole thing from stalk to spear.

Our asparagus is grown by Chris Chinn on the south-facing slopes of the meandering Wye Valley which capture the earliest Spring sunlight creating a perfect microclimate for the best asparagus in Britain.

Not only is ours fresher because it’s so close by, with Farmdrop we’ll carry the asparagus into your kitchen on the same day it arrives with us in Bermondsey – 5x fresher than supermarkets.


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